I watch the words fall

I watch the words fall

Like raindrops

On a windshield

Slipping, connecting

Forming streams

And forging rivers

I watch the words

As if they were not my own

As if they came from

Somewhere else outside me

For I have lost them once

And sometimes the fear of silence

Blinds me

So I watch the words fall

Like raindrops

As if they fall from the skies

Though they fall
from my own

Gold specked




I can hear the birds again

I can hear the birds again

Feel the sun fill up the room

And smell the freshness of the grass

In the dew like April rain

I can feel the words again

In my pen tip quivering

Waiting for awakening

This this this

Is everything

I can feel the pain recede

Slipping down my spine like


All the mothers tell their daughters

It will be alright again.

Yes, here inside my wounded head

Resting there above my eyes

Once aching, empty, stonelike, dead

Something something

Gently rise

Years of heart sore, twisting pain

Gives way to birdsong

And to rain