I watch the words fall

I watch the words fall

Like raindrops

On a windshield

Slipping, connecting

Forming streams

And forging rivers

I watch the words

As if they were not my own

As if they came from

Somewhere else outside me

For I have lost them once

And sometimes the fear of silence

Blinds me

So I watch the words fall

Like raindrops

As if they fall from the skies

Though they fall
from my own

Gold specked




the love of the taste of words

It’s the love itself

The love of the taste of words

The love of feeling them crawl across your fingers, and up your arms and neck,

of feeling them kiss you and bite you

and get in your bloodstream

of feeling the words transform you

by your reaction to their power

of feeling them sizzle and hiss and scream and giggle

and knowing ourselves and our world and our God

because of these

because of these



but more than that…

because of this

because of the this thing that cannot be held…

because of the love itself