On the Long Road to Hyderabad

Everyone is standing, sitting, waiting.
It struck me, as we drove that long day from Hyderabad to the town far south by the sea, that I had never seen a place in my life where people stood and sat and waited as they did here.

No matter how far we travelled down that long road, it was the same: Standing, sitting, waiting. Not everyone – but a majority. And I couldn’t help wondering, “Why aren’t you doing something? Don’t you have something to do? What are you waiting for?”

After I arrived, I stayed for a long month in the town far south by the sea. On a Sunday morning, I received a text message on my Indian mobile:

You are coming to Hyderabad today.
The driver is on his way.

On the long road to Hyderabad, they were – most all of them – both the brothers and the sisters, standing and sitting… But with the vision I had acquired, in the town far south by the sea, I saw that they were not waiting, but being:

They were resting; they were breathing; they were eating the sun.

From the poetic travel blog about my trip to India: Blue Chunni