About A Fairy I Know….


In my last post I wrote about creativity – how we need more of it in our lives. As I thought this over, one person really strongly came to mind as the best living example I can think of of someone who really does this: Phebe Fitzgerald.

Phebe, in all honesty doesn’t have a house, she has a living studio, and ever evolving work of art. I can say with full confidence that I have never been to her house and not seen her in the process of creating. Weather it’s a phenomaly delicious vegan meal, a stunning new hand-crafted outfit, or a delightful make-over for an entire room of her house, she’s constantly creating, shaping, making her corner of the world more and more beautiful.

Phebe is a stay-at-home Fairy. She raises three beautiful, magical fairy children with magical vocabularies and darling imaginations. Phebe’s house is not only a living work of art, it’s a place where snow white is in love with spider man, where pixies hide in cowboy boots, where unloading the dishwasher is announced with glee.

Whenever I tell people about her I always declare with confidence “Phebe’s a fairy.” (Seriously, I do. If you heard me talk about her before, you know it’s true.) Because people who are living breathing artists, are fairies – making magical things happen wherever they go.

We should all have a bit of fairy in us, don’t you think?