Indian Princess

I’m convinced she is secretly an Indian princess. I mean, look at the way she wraps her sari so fluidly, swiftly, delicately – as if she were a ballerina twirling en point. And the way she walks so gracefully, so regally…. Even the way she cries is elegant. She says she must sleep in the room by the door because she does not prefer the air conditioner, but I wonder if it’s only because she wants to be nearer the gate. So that when her rescuers come she will be restored all the sooner to her palace and her glory.

From Blue Chunni

On the Long Road to Hyderabad

Everyone is standing, sitting, waiting.
It struck me, as we drove that long day from Hyderabad to the town far south by the sea, that I had never seen a place in my life where people stood and sat and waited as they did here.

No matter how far we travelled down that long road, it was the same: Standing, sitting, waiting. Not everyone – but a majority. And I couldn’t help wondering, “Why aren’t you doing something? Don’t you have something to do? What are you waiting for?”

After I arrived, I stayed for a long month in the town far south by the sea. On a Sunday morning, I received a text message on my Indian mobile:

You are coming to Hyderabad today.
The driver is on his way.

On the long road to Hyderabad, they were – most all of them – both the brothers and the sisters, standing and sitting… But with the vision I had acquired, in the town far south by the sea, I saw that they were not waiting, but being:

They were resting; they were breathing; they were eating the sun.

From the poetic travel blog about my trip to India: Blue Chunni

oneness and love songs

I find the lack in love songs. It makes me shift. It makes my search.

More than him and her – shouldn’t it be?

Where are the deeper truths of human nature?

And still more – where is the uniting of two souls into one and into One at once?

It’s all about the oneness – all of it – all of it about knowing our God.

With each love song I listen to, I find myself unsatisfied – left hungery for more. Even the Christian love songs… Two people lost in eachother – however romantically – are nothing but lost. But two people who are together lost in God are One: One with eachother in being One with Him.

Let us lose ourselves in our Beloved for there is no greater romance.

And for heaven’s sake, would someone write songs like that?