the colours and the words

I love the nook in the hardware store
Where the colours of paint present themselves on cards
I am traversing the world and all time
Creating universes in my mind
In glancing from caption to caption

“the ballet” picks me up and spins me
soft pink ballet shoes
bobby pins in tight buns
long, lean muscles of

“oceanfront” dunks me in it’s cool blue
Brings me to a place where I was losing and finding love
and a small island off the coast of North Carolina

“day at the jewellers”
I smile at the silver anklet jingling above my heal
And skirt the glance of the head waggling Indian young man
Flirting with me from behind the counter

“limoncello” makes me thirsty
And long to read a novel and go to Italy
As does “gelato in the park”

But then, I wonder, am I ever not wanting
To go to Italy?
And when am I not thirsty?
And when am I not
Thrilled by colours
And wooed by words
And wanting to burst forth into the world
Just as flowers burst forth through the earth?
And when am I not deeply desiring the Union of all beauty?
And the presence of all that is pure and holy?
And the creation of all that is scintillating and good?
And when am I not awaiting a rebirth of wonder
In the eyes of those around me?
And when am I not racing to find
Blue oceans and ballets?
And when am I not
Hoping against hope
For the sweetness of poetry
To both capture the world and transform it
Like prophesy?

When am I not awed
and left breathless
at every colour
and every word?


Autumn arrives on a train headed east

Headed right off the edge of the world

She comes in with two carpet bags and an indefinable sense of style

A scarf thrown carelessly – no, effortlessly – over her shoulder

I am all jealousy

Autumn has come

With no hint of maple sweetness


With every brisk vivacity of color and saturation

I am all falling over myself

To find out

How she manages to wake up like that in the morning

And I long to be Autumn

Like a young girl longs for romance and roses

Spending long afternoon hours

Gazing dreamily into heaven

Twirling her hair around her finger