I am always

(I whisper this in your ear)

(I am always walking around

with secrets in my jacket pockets

secrets that only I know 

for only I feel

just this way

about the sound the moon makes

in the water

about the taste

of the air in October

about the feel of

my own blood

running through my

own veins 

like a silent river

about the feel of icy metallic 

door handles 

about the smell of the candle 

flame’s smoke and glimmer)

(this is the secret:

the way that eyes feel when their glances hold you

the way that dreams slip through our hair, cascade down our shoulders 

and this – the way that wonder rolls like a boulder from a grave

and salvation steps out alive – victorious and scathed. 

this is the secret – the knowing 

ever in my pockets I am holding.)

telling secrets.

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