the dream breath

And let the night’s warm breath sigh over you.
let the soft touch of cotton and down swish hushingly
let all these feathered thoughts nestle breathless
in the smell of green tea and decade old paperbacks

And as the pastel hanging paper lamps dim to duskness
let your fingers trill in deep blue absence
let your mind ponder the fathomless wonder
that heaven is present

And as sleep rises like a thick mist, humming some old song half remembered
let your soul rest in sweet sustenance
let all but All fly from this tender nest
from this place of oneness and sapphire
as clear as the sky itself

my hands ache to hold you

My hands ache to hold you

My child, my love, my sweetness

My arms ache to squeeze you

My own, my precious, my most cherished


You are not my child by blood, but by love

And I love you

And I miss you though I’ve never met you

And I ache, I ache to hold you

From the deepest spring of my soul.



Read this to see the ones my arms ache for:

oneness and love songs

I find the lack in love songs. It makes me shift. It makes my search.

More than him and her – shouldn’t it be?

Where are the deeper truths of human nature?

And still more – where is the uniting of two souls into one and into One at once?

It’s all about the oneness – all of it – all of it about knowing our God.

With each love song I listen to, I find myself unsatisfied – left hungery for more. Even the Christian love songs… Two people lost in eachother – however romantically – are nothing but lost. But two people who are together lost in God are One: One with eachother in being One with Him.

Let us lose ourselves in our Beloved for there is no greater romance.

And for heaven’s sake, would someone write songs like that?