My Beloved awakens me early and full of rest. I awake in communion with Him. I repeat His name softly over and over. There is no other way to begin a day. There is no other way to begin a beginning than with Him.

This is my beginning today. I see it through my window: College and a little city, its eyes flashing even in the dark before dawn. I live in a new place where the sun does not dictate day. I live in a place where I can see the world out of my window. And I find within myself shades of color these pale orange lights are for the first time revealing.

My Beloved drew me out of bed this morning to look out on the little city. My Beloved says “Follow me,” and I begin.

luncheon’s improv ronde de jambe

When they watch me dance, I transform. I am more than a slicer of apples and a nurse to sore knees; I am beauty. I am essence. Their eyes widen. They watch in wonder. I am not fooled: I am no prima ballerina. But in ronde de jambe and demi plie, I am beauty. This is more than a kitchen. There is light splitting into rainbows. I see it through their eyes. Movement’s infused in color, meaning, light. I am not fooled. They watch me transform because I dance.