white light

You’re surrounded by light
White light. Which means you’re surrounded by
Rainbows – all mixed up.
So when you’re looking around
Not thinking you’re seeing anything
(Cause if you cared to think you’d think that you were seeing nothing)
You’re seeing every color in existence.
Which is beautiful.
And magical
And maybe a little tragic too….
I don’t really know about that.
I only know the sum and

The sum is this:
In seeing everything,
We see nothing.
But find beauty.

About A Fairy I Know….


In my last post I wrote about creativity – how we need more of it in our lives. As I thought this over, one person really strongly came to mind as the best living example I can think of of someone who really does this: Phebe Fitzgerald.

Phebe, in all honesty doesn’t have a house, she has a living studio, and ever evolving work of art. I can say with full confidence that I have never been to her house and not seen her in the process of creating. Weather it’s a phenomaly delicious vegan meal, a stunning new hand-crafted outfit, or a delightful make-over for an entire room of her house, she’s constantly creating, shaping, making her corner of the world more and more beautiful.

Phebe is a stay-at-home Fairy. She raises three beautiful, magical fairy children with magical vocabularies and darling imaginations. Phebe’s house is not only a living work of art, it’s a place where snow white is in love with spider man, where pixies hide in cowboy boots, where unloading the dishwasher is announced with glee.

Whenever I tell people about her I always declare with confidence “Phebe’s a fairy.” (Seriously, I do. If you heard me talk about her before, you know it’s true.) Because people who are living breathing artists, are fairies – making magical things happen wherever they go.

We should all have a bit of fairy in us, don’t you think?

Lions, children, and the artist in us all

Sir Ken Robinson says that we’re all born artists, but most of us loose this part of ourselves as we grow up. One antidote I’ve personally found? Working with kids. Cause when you’re with kids, you can’t help being an artist. Artistry is contagious:)

Here’s something me and my girls drew this morning over breakfast:


Don’t forget to play today, to draw, to create. Let your inner artist roar;)

Rare Newts

So, I was going to start out my first Mind Mandarin post explaining the quirky name. Explaining how mandarins are fun, sweet and tangy, very organic, not always perfect but always nourishing, a little exotic, and quick to eat and digest – like what I want these posts to be. They’re also orange.

But I’m not going to do that. Because my brothers and sister found a Newt. They were just walking around and happened to notice a fiery, other-worldly looking lizard in our mountainous yard. He looks something like this:


I love it – it’s exotically beautiful. It’s the kind of thing you see in movies with special effects or dream about in strange novels. It moves like a dinosaur, it swims. It’s rare and getting rarer. The magical looking thing actually needs to be protected.

It’s been really thought provoking. I wonder: If I had been the one walking around instead of my siblings – would I have seen it? More still, am I the kind of person who roams around looking for adventure? I want to be both – I want to be the kind of person who looks for adventure and who has her eyes open to the beauty, the exotic, the marvelous in this world.

Maybe that’s part of what I’m doing here – writing MInd Mandarins. I am – strangely enough – looking for rare newts.